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FAQ – General Information

FAQ – What does a soil carbon project look like?

Code of Conduct

Carbon Link is a signatory to the Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct.

The Carbon Market Institute (CMI) launched the Carbon Industry Code of Conduct (Code) in 2018. The Code’s vision is to achieve a well-functioning emissions reduction and carbon sequestration industry in Australia at the scale required to significantly contribute to Australia’s greenhouse gas reduction commitments under the Paris Agreement.

The Code’s role in the carbon market is significant in that it:

  • defines industry best practice for market participants including project developers, agents, aggregators and advisers in Australia’s carbon projects industry;
  • promotes consumer protection and appropriate and open interaction with clients;
  • provides guidance to scheme participants; and
  • promotes market integrity, transparency, and accountability – and displays international leadership in Australia’s carbon market.

For more information about the code, see visit the Carbon Market Institute website.

What is the lifecycle of a project?